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Thursday (should be Tuesday) Books

Sorry for the lateness of these Tuesday Books. I was out all day Tuesday. I am starting to read Sylvia Plath’s journal, interesting stuff. Anyway, Candy sent me a nice number of RL Stine’s books that should have been books. Here they are:

Editors note: I would have gone with for the caption of this book “Now you see him. Now you…DERP!!!


The Return of Tuesday’s Book Release @ LRL!

I got a surprise this morning. My co-creator and sister Candy (lauriedoublevie24) sent me a crap load of book covers. See, we are serious. Now enjoy or I will take my ruler out!!

The Return of LRL!!

As you probably may or may not know, lauriedoublvie24 (Canais) is enrolled in Job Corps and is about to make a big move from Kentucky to California. I (Angel) am enrolled in Temple University. However, I am part time there and the semester is winding down. And I am aware of the number of hits LRL has been getting lately, so we want to give the people more!!!

Here are my plans for LRL, my sister, Canais, will continue on LRL as a guest blogger as she is completing her culinary classes in Cali. I will take over has the head Librarian and “Gender Benders” only contestant Sarajane (my best friend IRL) will join the LRL crew.

The three of us are proud to continue the crazyness that is The Low Rent Library. Now it may take a week or two to return to it’s former glory since Sara has to GTFO of her shitty college and transfer with me to Temple. 😀 Plus my classes are ending as soon as this weekend. I HAZ NO EXAMZ!!!

Also, if anybody wants to join LRL, you are in luck! I am considering opening up the library to let 2 additional people dust the creaky shelves. I will post more information about this later on. So keep your eyes pealed and you MUST consider getting a wordpress account so it will be easier to post in here.

Thank you and happy reading!


PS: If you love soap opera opening credits, check out my blog on wordpress:

Low Rent Media #3: The Best Damn Cross Promotion, Period.

So back in the summer, a thought occurred to me. What if the Baby-Sitters Club movie was sponsored by something completely appropriate yet off the wall? I took that into consideration when making the poster for it.


PS: I now attend school at Temple, so my posts will be few and far between as the semester progresses. Candy will provide most of the posts while I take an administrative role in managing the page and promoting the blog. Its on a whenever-I-can-basis. Also I am thinking about putting up a facebook fan page for this blog. But for now follow us on Twitter for updates:

And a HUGE THANKs for reading LRL!

More Summer Reading…

Here is an extension of the summer reading section. I wasn’t a huge fan of the summer reading because it didn’t contain any favorite books of mine. So I often boycott it failing miserably at the next grade before the school year even started. If there were any books like the following, I would have been a happy camper over the summer without going to camp of course.

Some books were featured here before but me and Candy are competitive like that, HA!:

Stacey12 BSCcon firsttime mothernature Prop8Sharpay American Pie

Low-Rent Media #2: Buzz Lightyears Short Life Remembered

In 1995, Buzz Lightyear was the toast of toys everywhere. Until a cruel prank played by Woody outed him forever. Here is a recount of his death and a memorial:

PS: Yes I know Buzz doesn’t really die but its more of a what-if. Plus the other toys thought he was dead throughout the movie to begin with.

Low-Rent Media #1: Teletubbies Surprise

This needs no introduction. Enjoy!: