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Genre-Benders #1: Did You Wet Yourself From Fear or Are You Happy to See Me?

It’s been getting a little boring here at the Low-Rent Library lately. With my assistant Angel busy with school (and her personal problems) and my jumping on an opportunity to train for a job, the ol’ LRL’s been a little quiet…too quiet if you ask me. And frankly, I’m sick of doing yet another PhotoShopped book collection post. I know I promised I’d show off my collection of bad arts and crafts books, but that will have to wait until this holiday season or January of next year. Stay tuned.

This week’s Low-Rent Library introduces a new recurring piece called “Genre-Benders,” where I take two books from two different genres, take lines from them, and you have to guess which genre the line came from. The answers will be given on the next post. It’s best if you don’t Google the answers or use any outside source; I want to see if any of the readers out there can use their brains.

This week, it’s R.L. Stine’s horror fiction (the Goosebumps series and spin-offs specifically) vs. the steamy underbelly of the lit world known as erotic fiction. Which line is from where? I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

1) “His enormous head bobbed and throbbed excitedly.”

2) “I had a shelf full of videos of her, shielded only by the lace of the curtains.”

3) “There it was. Written large, in block letters the color of blood: My name.”

4) Danny grinned. “So what? Now you’ve got two little ones.”
     “But I only like big ones,” Todd replied.

5) “Margaret’s mouth dropped open into a wide O of surprise.”

6) “Blood oozed from the fresh marker, trickling down.”

7) “He stood very erect, sweat rolling thickly down his body.”

8) “Todd pitched forward, dropping onto his hands and knees. He gazed up at Danny.”

9) “Then he flicked a switch and the alien noise began. I seemed to feel the needle before he even touched me, and I was amazed at how my mind went completely blank…”

10) “How’s that for a Kodak moment? A boy I like sitting there with my underpants in his hands!”

11) “Talk about a tight squeeze!”

12) “A bird…You’re a pretty bird, making me blue and green.” My mouth couldn’t seem to shut, wasn’t able to stop spouting nonsense.

13) “‘You’re dripping on the rug,’ she said.”

14) “I shouldn’t have told him about Gabriel.”

15) “He liked them long and kind of fat. And squishy. Squishy was very important.”

16)  “‘Meet me behind second base on the playground,’ he whispered. Danny nodded. He didn’t have to ask why.”

17) “Andy and Evan dropped down wearily onto the couch.
       “I guess you’re going forever,” Andy said. “I mean, to Atlanta and everything.”
       “I’d like to… uh… write to you,” Evan said, suddenly feeling awkward.

18) “We’ll do an all-squirting act.”

19) “Pigeon was devouring me like a feast and all that was missing was some mustard.”

20) “He was licking me frantically. ‘Oh, Petey! Petey!” I cried, “Stop! You’re getting me all sticky!’ But he wouldn’t stop. He kept on licking fiercely.”

There. Twenty lines, twenty guesses. I’ll see you next week with the answers.